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117 Wrangler Dr, STE 175
Coppell, TX 75019
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Under the leadership of World Champion & Olympic medalist Kim Zmeskal-Burdette, Texas Dreams Gymnastics has established itself as the premiere training club for local aspiring gymnasts through the countries most talented elites.  Whether boys or girls, beginner or advanced, aspiring Olympians or just in it for the fun and fundamentals, our club has a place for your child.  

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Ironic name, huh?     

We aren't going camping.  We are trying to prevent kids from camping out on the couch at home.  Our "camps" at Texas Dreams are energy filled and therefore, an energy drain!  Kids will have time to:

Be athletic.   

While summer leaves plenty of time for play, North Texas summers are not conducive to a kid's desire to jump, flip roll and go wild.  Texas Dreams Gymnastics' 30,000 square foot, padded playground stays cool all day, but has skylights and huge bay windows to keep the sunshine in and the heat out.  From the time they arrive at 9am, our campers will be challenged with games, contests, and skills, scattered with a little downtime in between.  Summer play has never been so cool.

Be creative.   

When the kids start to tire, we rejuvenate by resting their bodies and testing their minds and by engaging their artistry and imagination.  Some days we'll do a craft, others we'll color or paint and what would summer be without sidewalk chalk murals!  You'll have plenty to hang on your fridge, trust us. 

Be a kid.  

TV time, video games, and computers are the typical summer tendencies, but they can't replace the fun of learning new skills with other kids and laughing out loud (literally).  Our coaches are kid professionals that keep our campers laughing and entertained throughout the day.  They interact with their students, leading the curriculum on their feet with enthusiasm, not from a chair.  Texas Dreams summer camps are the best place to have fun and make great, lasting memories.

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** Registration For Summer Camp Begins May 1st 2020 **

Camp Dates

Camp Dates