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117 Wrangler Dr, STE 175
Coppell, TX 75019
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Under the leadership of World Champion & Olympic medalist Kim Zmeskal-Burdette, Texas Dreams Gymnastics has established itself as the premiere training club for local aspiring gymnasts through the countries most talented elites.  Whether boys or girls, beginner or advanced, aspiring Olympians or just in it for the fun and fundamentals, our club has a place for your child.  

Recreational Program

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Whether it's for your 18-month daughter, your 14-year old boy, or yourself, we likely have a class and a time that will fit your level, schedule, and goals.  Best of all, we don't do sessions, so you can enroll any time.  

We know that a large number of our students want to be the next Olympic athlete, whether that be as a gymnast or other sport.  Our classes improve all areas of physicality which are the cornerstone to accomplishing athletic feats in their future.  Bring us your dreamers and we'll develop tomorrow's champions. 

We firmly believe the most important thing that any pre-team gymnast can learn is to LOVE gymnastics! It’s amazing what is achievable when there is a foundation of love and passion for what we do!
— Kim Zmeskal-Burdette

Preschool-aged children

(18-month to 4-years; boys & girls) need basics, focus, and fun.  We've tailored our classes accordingly:

  • Basics. If there's a gymnastics mat or product that helps aid a curriculum or develop a skill, we have three of them, at least. The variety of teaching tools we use are versatile and consistently updating.

  • Focus. Our preschool-aged classes are administered behind 3-ft. walls that help corral their energy and retain their attention. Sights and sounds of the "big gym" aren't a distraction.

  • Fun. Yep, we said it. As cliche as it may seem, this is one of the key goals of our preschool classes. Energy spent in enthusiasm and smiles creates fulfilling lessons for our students and our coaches alike. We work hard to make each class entertaining, memorable, and fun.


School-Age Children

(5 years and older; boys & girls) need excitement, challenge, and achievements.  The "big gym" is designed for such: 

  • Excitement . We have trampolines, lots of them. Spring-boards, bouncy floors, trampolines filled with air, long & skinny trampolines, and plain 'ol awesome trampolines too. We have soft pits, tall ropes, high beams, and a whole-lot-of-bars! We do thrills and "butterflies" better than any other.

  • Challenge . The big equipment and more challenging skills can be "scary" at first, but many of the best memories are overcoming hesitant tendencies and discovering that "I really can do it" feeling.

  • Achievements. We have beginner gymnasts, Elite gymnasts, and every athlete in between. We've developed our legacy of champions by guiding all levels of gymnast towards the next skill, the next big challenge, and the pride of accomplishment. Upon mastery, students move to the next level, not upon age.


  (7 years and older; boys & girls) need variety, spotting, and technical expertise.  Tumbling programs don't get better than ours.  

  • Variety. Tumbling can be redundant and frustrating. Our teaching tools like specialized matting, multiple spring surfaces, and adjustable density matting are key components to making sure a skill advances correctly and efficiently.

  • Spotting. Sometimes you need finesse, sometimes you need a 'bump' for confidence, and let's be honest, occasionally you need someone to 'heave' you over that first time, but we've got all three covered. Our coaches spot some of the highest levels skills in the sport and are ready to spot yours.

  • Technical Expertise. Kim Zmeskal owns the gym. She is a tumbling icon and one of the world's best tumbling coaches. We've got resources and have technique covered.