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Under the leadership of World Champion & Olympic medalist Kim Zmeskal-Burdette, Texas Dreams Gymnastics has established itself as the premiere training club for local aspiring gymnasts through the countries most talented elites.  Whether boys or girls, beginner or advanced, aspiring Olympians or just in it for the fun and fundamentals, our club has a place for your child.  



Practice makes perfect.

When the traditional "one class per week" isn't enough for your child, it's time for the next big step in our sport, "TEAM".  This means longer training sessions, more time on the apparatus, and (depending upon age) competitions.  Whether it's to get his or her feet wet in the competitive arena or to win World Championships, Texas Dreams has a place for your child.   

I grew up under the tutelage of Bela and Martha Karolyi, watching legends like Mary Lou Retton training on the beam beside me. Today, we offer that same opportunity, with high level coaching, unparalleled environment, and so many of America’s best gymnasts here as role models for tomorrow’s talent
— Kim Zmeskal-Burdette



In the recreational (class) program, age determines where you train.  In the team program, ability and aptitude dictates placement.  How long a child stays on that team depends upon their skill accrual and readiness for the next challenge.  We start slow, with more time on all events, and learn the foundation of the sport and the basics of the competition arena.  We put 'em on a team, teach them all we can, and give them a chance to perform on a stage.  



The sport of gymnastics competitive program is designed to teach root skills, which are fundamental to higher level gymnastics, at the beginning levels of competition.  The routines are all the same, hence the reference to the "compulsory" program.  Your child will compete the same routines as other gymnasts at competitions, with the highest score coming from the most well executed performance.  Perfect the basics, win the compulsories.  


Optional +

Once a gymnast has proven mastery of the compulsory levels, they advance to the next level of competition, optional level.  While there are mandatory elements, gymnasts are given more choices that suit their strengths and abilities.  These "optional" skills comprise their routines and the balance of riskier difficulty with the same focus on perfect execution will determine their score.  Master the fundamentals, add elements that showcase your strengths, perform perfectly to succeed.  


For more information regarding team tryouts, please contact Maria Froemming (right), but please do not contact Fabio Lanzoni (center) who stopped by to see the gym and shut down our administrative dept. completely.  

Yes, this really happened.  

Yes, this really happened.